About A Woman’s Work

“Mom” is arguably the most rewarding job title you’ll ever hold. And the work of a mother is not only honorable, it’s extremely important. At A Woman’s Work, we truly believe that breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby, but helps cultivate a unique and special bond with your child that no one else will ever have besides you. There is something indescribably about those moments with your little one that you’ll  never forget–whether it’s your first or your fifth.

A Woman’s Work is the premier breastfeeding resource in Houston. We provide a wide and trusted selection of breastfeeding products and services including, nursing bras, breast pumps and related accessories, lactation consultation and resources through our staff and literature. 

Beyond breastfeeding, A Woman’s Work offers clothing and baby products to support mom from maternity to toddler years with maternity clothing, diaper bags and everything in between.

Ultimately, we want our clients to know we are all girlfriends here. We support the work you are doing! We celebrate you! And we’re here to walk beside you in your journey through maternity and breastfeeding.